Do you have days where you wake up and wonder what in the heck you’re doing with your life?  That you’ve been there, done that and nothing seems exciting and new anymore?

It’s happened to me, and I’ve found myself moving all over the country because of it.

And after all of those U-Haul frequent mover miles I’ve logged, I learned that no matter where you end up, if you can’t find adventure or excitement in everyday life you’re just going to find yourself in the same rut city after city…just with a different ZIP code.

It’s not a new city or a new job that will make your life better…it’s simply a matter of a new perspective on the awesome life you already have.

So here are some of my adventures that take place right outside my front door – sometimes inside my own kitchen – along with a few that require a plane ticket or passport.  Because it’s not about just living your life, it’s about making the most out of every day, challenging yourself, learning something new, trying something different – even with something as simple as a new place to have coffee.

Every life is a happily ever after…even if some days it’s not.